Tights with Braces

Colour: Rusty Red

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Footed Tights

Tights are elastic and grow with your baby longer than regular clothes. Therefore, we recommend choosing the size according to age and height. If you are on the verge, we recommend choosing a larger size. If necessary, the tights can be pulled up or worn slightly gathered.

With Braces
Age Height
0-6 Months 56 - 68 cm
6-12 Months 74 - 82 cm
1-2 Years 86 - 92 cm
2-4 Years 98 - 104 cm
Without Braces
Age Height
2-4 Years 98 - 104 cm
4-6 Years 110 - 116 cm
6-8 Years 122 - 128 cm
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Comfortable retro tights with braces that will become your child's favourite. Perfect for adventures at home in the city or in nature.

Made of splendidly soft combed cotton. Handcrafted by true European artisans.

  • Safe and eco-friendly dyes
  • Suitable for eczematous skin
  • Stretchy yet exceptionally resistant
  • Won't rip or lose their shape
  • Will keep your little one warm
  • Allows your baby's skin to breathe

We added a small amount of soft nylon to prevent ripping and wearing out. For even greater comfort, it is braided between two cotton yarns so it does not touch the skin.


Made in Slovakia, EU.

Crafted in small batches in our family-owned factory in Slovakia - where these retro tights were born over 100 years ago. It's one of the very few still devoted to this traditional craft.

Your baby's skin will touch the softest combed cotton from Portugal and Swiss eco dyes.

Package: 100% recyclable and compostable sun-dried grass paper from Germany.

  • 85% Cotton
  • 15% Nylon
  • Package certified FSC C117597
  • Machine-washable at 40 °C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Designed and crafted in the EU
  • Delivery in the EU costs €4.90
  • Delivery is free on orders over €50
  • We ship all orders within 24 hours
  • EU delivery takes 2-5 business days
  • Shipped from our central EU warehouse
  • You can return your order within 30 days
  • Local return address in each EU country
  • My name is Veronika, and I am the founder of PEQNE. We're a family-owned brand from Slovakia, a small country in central Europe

    Veronika, the founder of PEQNE with her son


    The word PEQNE [pekne] means nice/lovely in our Slovak language.

    We make high-quality and minimalist tights for your little ones: no prints or pictures, no fashion trends. Only timeless designs and a comfortable feel of the fabric on your child's soft skin. Each PEQNE product is created by true European artisans in our own factory in Slovakia - a former country of Czechoslovakia, where this craft was born over 100 years ago.

    These tights have been a part of my early years and the childhood of millions of children in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria and Poland. They have witnessed innocent shenanigans, outdoor adventures, and cosy fireplace evenings with books and stories. Tights that turned into treasured memories for generations.

    Unfortunately, over the years, this craft slowly faded away. Only a few European factories are left that produce these traditional tights for kids today.

    Our story begins in 2022 when PEQNE was born. Back then, our factory used to be our supplier. Established in 1993, it employed one of the most skilled artisans in central Europe - people who cherished their work and handcrafted products for children all around Europe.

    In recent years, their business has encountered existential challenges. Only five of the original sixty employees remained at the end of 2022. Manufacturing had ceased, and the remaining artisans were on the verge of departure.

    Despite the challenges, we wanted to keep the production running. On the one hand, your response to PEQNE products left us delighted. In the first six months alone, we shipped almost 20 000 tights to your little ones. This was much more than we ever hoped for and made our work feel meaningful.

    On the other hand, we were witnessing yet another factory and a precious tradition vanish. Highly talented people who would find it very difficult to find a similar job today. Alongside the factory, a piece of European heritage and true craftsmanship would disappear.

    Artisans working at PEQNE tights factory
    Knitting machines at PEQNE factory

    We decided to purchase the factory at the beginning of 2023 to preserve the tradition and prevent talented individuals from losing their jobs. Since then, we have been pleased to have rehired a few more artisans who worked here earlier.

    It is about delivering the best products for your children. Our goal is to protect and amplify this craft for future generations — so that one day your children's children can also enjoy the comfort and practicality of these traditional European tights.

    Thank you,
    PEQNE Founder

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 488 reviews
    Dagmar Zelená

    Mám je jako dárek pro mého vnoučka k Vánocům,ale vypadají skvěle a určitě se budou líbit jak malému,tak i mé dceři.

    Alexandra Meďveďová

    Vynikajúci jemný materiál, perfektné spracovanie. Som nadmieru spokojná a určite si ešte objednám. Prijala by som aj veľkosť viac ako 122 - 128. Vrele odporúčam. Dokážu si ich obliecť samé detičky vo veku 3 - 4 ročky bez pomoci.

    Daniela Kalinayová

    Materiál je dobrý, dá sa aj trošku natiahnuť. Traky držia pančušky pekne na mieste, ale aj keď ich skryjem akoby do vnútra tak držia pekne. Som spokojná

    Katarina Kozanakova

    Ďakujem som spokojna sú ako tatrasvitky

    Andrea Chroustova

    Kvalitní material pěkné punčoháče

    Helena Zavodníková

    Spokojenost z obchodem, s dodáním i s kvalitou punčocháčků.
    Byla jsem mile překvapena. Děkuji

    Ingrid Balgová

    Punčocháče skvělé. Doporučuji. Sklamání ohledně e-mailové komunikace.

    Dobrý den, děkujeme za hodnocení. Kolegyně se Vám snažila dovolat, protože Vaše objednávka již byla bohužel odeslána a neuměli jsme ji změnit, ale nepodařilo se jí dovolat. Napíšeme Vám nyní ještě jeden email abychom to vyřešili a vše napravili :) Děkujeme velmi pěkně, Veronika.

    Leona Štorková

    Rychlé dodání, kvalitní zpracování i příjemný materiál