We create comfortable tights that let a child's true nature shine through. No prints or pictures, no fashion trends. Only timeless designs with natural materials and a feeling of fabric against the skin.


Meet soft, timeless and easy-to-match tights for your little ones. Manufactured in a small-batch, family-owned factory in Slovakia — a former country of Czechoslovakia, where this tradition was born over 70 years ago.

As a part of my own early years and the childhood of millions of children in Czechoslovakia, Eastern Germany or Poland, these traditional tights lived through generations.

They witnessed innocent shenanigans, outdoors adventures, and cosy home evenings. Tights that turned into memories.


Unfortunately, over the years, this craft slowly faded. Only a few Czech and Slovak factories dedicated to producing these traditional children's tights are still alive today.

My dream is to preserve and amplify this tradition not only for my family but for future generations — so that one day your children's children can also enjoy true comfort and practicality. I truly believe they will feel the same nostalgia and smile as millions of children before.

founder of peqne
peqne [peknee] means nice/lovely in Slovak